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Part Code: 800140
Manufacturer: 3M Cuno
Manufacturer Code:
£18.60 +VAT


3M has added to its renowned range of AP2 water filters for mains-fed water coolers. Utilising enhanced filtration technology, the new 3M AP2-G filters use 53 per cent less plastic than the original AP2 range without compromising performance, making them a more compact and cost-effective choice for operators of cold water dispensing machines. By using less plastic in production the filters reduce waste and represent an environmentally responsible source of clean, great tasting, quality drinking water.

Compared to alternative offerings on the market, the new 3M AP2-G filters can bring significant savings in service costs owing to the field-proven Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) fitting retained from the existing AP2 range. The filter compatibility allows for a straight swap and with just a quarter turn of the SQC fitting the new filter can be installed in a matter of seconds without having to shut off the water supply. In addition, by reducing the sediment found in water down to 1.0 or 0.5 micron, 3M AP2-G filters can protect water cooler units from mains sediment or other abrasive particles which may get into water systems, thus limiting maintenance costs associated with machine downtime.

The AP2-G’s reduction in plastic content is a direct result of the smaller cartridge dimensions enabled by 3M’s enhanced filtration technology. The technology enables a smaller carbon block matching the flow rate and capacity of the current AP2 filters, achieving the same micron ratings to remove unwanted components from the water, with an added option of a scale inhibitor. The AP2-G can also be recycled by separation into its components to promote recycling of plastic filter housings, thereby delivering an extra eco-friendly benefit.

3M’s patented filtration technology utilises a powdered, engineered media, combined with a unique binding matrix supporting small particles, to deliver superior efficiency and optimal performance.

Mains-fed water coolers incorporating efficient, high quality filtration represent the most environmentally responsible way to refreshing, clean drinking water in premises such as offices, factories, waiting areas and entertainment venues. 3M’s new AP2-G filter makes an even more convincing case by simultaneously reducing costs for operators and helping businesses to become carbon neutral.”

Main specifications of the 3M AP2-G filter:

  • Chlorine capacity: 4000 litres
  • Rated flow rate: 2l/min.
  • Particulate retention level: Cyst or 1 micron
  • Supports VOC, lead, and polyphosphate filtering
  • WRAS certification and tested in accordance with NSF.
  • Fits Lincat boilers


Product Specifications:

Brand3M Cuno
Manufacturer CodeAP2-C401SG
TypeCarbon Block
Capacity Ltr4000v
Min Water Temp4.4°C
Max Water Temp38°C
Min Working Pressure1.4 bar / 20 psi
Max Working Pressure8.3 bar / 120 psi