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What BWT filter do I need: a guide

What BWT filter do I need: a guide

6th Apr 2021

Here at ES we have been working with BWT Water+More for many years now and we love the value they place on testing and finding the best solution for a particular site or cafe, as no two places are the same. 

We have created this step by step guide on how to find out what BWT treatment cartridge is best for you.

1. Water Test Kit

You either need a test kit (like this bwt one) or any other kit that will get you, degrees of carbonate hardness(dKH) and degrees of total hardness(dTH). You might be able to get this from your local water report.

2. Follow the instructions that come with the test kit

You will end up with two numbers, the dKH and the dTH.                                                 

3. Now download the handy BWT app - Link here

4. You just need to enter some details about your usage and the two water measurements you have ready

Once you enter them into the app and will automatically make a recommendation on the best filter for your needs/application. Just open up the App and enter 3 facts about your site and the algorithm gives you the objective answer: the Best Water Treatment cartridge for your water type".

5. Order your BWT cartridge from your favourite supplier ;-) 

When we caught up with Will from BWT he said "BWT bestmax cartridges are now installed in hundreds of High Street coffee shops and National chains too. Back then customers wanted the same solution for every coffee shop – impossible as each location has different water. Choosing the optimum solution can be confusing but our app makes it easy!"

Download the free App

Water Testing Kits Here

Shop BWT Cartridges Here