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A Guide: How Frequently Should I Change My Coffee Grinder Blades?

A Guide: How Frequently Should I Change My Coffee Grinder Blades?

Posted by Will Martins on 22nd Feb 2024

What are burrs?

One of the hardest working parts of your coffee grinder are the grinder burrs. These burrs are also known as grinder blades and come in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and materials that all have different schools of thought and methodologies behind them. Although they may be different in appearance, the coffee grinding burrs normally consist of a set of “teethed” discs. One of these is fixed to the coffee grinder’s motor and spins whilst the other is normally in a fixed position. To break down and grind the coffee within the grinder, the burr attached to the motor is spun against the other, grinding the coffee into a size that is suitable for brewing coffee. To get a coarser grind, allow for a bigger gap between the burrs and a smaller gap to create a finer grind.

Why Do They Go Dull?

Every time you use your coffee grinder, you’re going to start wearing off the edges on the burrs’ teeth, which ultimately dulls them. Previously, manufacturers would give a rough estimate on how many kilos a pair of burrs would get through before they would need to be replaced, however this is not the standard practice these days. From the first coffee you grind, you are affecting the sharpness and grinding standard of your burrs. This means that it is up to you to establish what is an acceptable performance standard for your coffee grinder. If you ask us to give you a rough estimate, the lowest max capacity we’ve been given by a manufacturer for a set of commercial steel grinder burrs is 400kg and for titanium coated burrs is 800kg.

Things To Look Out For

But how do you know when to change your grinder burrs? What kind of signs should you be looking for? See below to figure out what signs your grinder may be giving you when it’s time to change your burrs.

Inconsistent Grind

Firstly, you may notice new inconsistencies when making your coffee. Maybe your grinder used to dose 18g of coffee consistently through the day with a slight expected variance - if you’re noticing that your grinder is now throwing out coffee with variances of 2-3+ grams, it might be a sign the burrs need changing. Perhaps, you also notice that even when you weigh 18g of coffee, your shots are still being pulled inconsistently.

Grinder Overheating

Have you noticed that your coffee grinder is getting very hot, even though you’ve only used it for a short amount of time? Maybe the ground coffee coming out is clumping or sticking together a bit more than usual? If the burrs are dull, sometimes you can get away with just making the grind finer and finer. But because the teeth don’t have their edge, they are working inefficiently to grind the coffee and producing unwanted heat.

Sluggish Grinding Performance

If your grinder used to grind a double shot in 6 seconds and now struggles to do it in 10, it might be a sign that the burrs need to be replaced.

If you’re looking for the right set of replacement coffee grinder burrs available in the UK, we've made a table below of some of the most well known ones. If your grinder isn't on here, reach out to us at [email protected] with your make and model and a member of our customer service team will be able to help you find it.

Grinder Original Third Party
Anfim Caimano 707124 700131
Anfim Super Caimano 707116 620351
Ceado E37J CEA90300 -
Ceado E37R CEA90300 -
Ceado E37K CEA90304 -
Ceado E37S CEA90303 -
Ceado E37SL CEA90303 -
Ceado E37T CEA90306 -
Ceado E5P CEA90300 -
Ceado E5SD - -
Ceado E6P CEA90300 -
Ceado E6P FILTER - -
Ceado E7P - -
Ditting KR804 620315 -
Ditting KR1203 620317 -
Ditting KR1403 620318 -
Fiorenzato F64E 720049 -
Fiorenzato F64 EVO 720057 -
La Marzocco Lux D 620378 -
La Marzocco Swift (Ceramic) S52003001 -
La Marzocco Vulcano M1011 -
Mahlkonig EK43 F302804 -
Mahlkonig Guatemala F309700 -
Mahlkonig K30 F306715 -
Mahlkonig Tanzania F310123 -
Mazzer Kold 620372 620363
Mazzer Kony 620369 620371
Mazzer Major 700135/M 700135
Mazzer Mini Electronic 620376 -
Mazzer Mini Automatic/Timer 620373 620358
Mazzer Robur 620372 620363
Mazzer Super Jolly 700108/M 700108
Mazzer ZM Standard 151F FFMA00151F -
Mazzer ZM Filter 151G FFMA00151G -
Mazzer ZM Espresso 151B - -
Nuova Simonelli Mythos One 729000 620383
Nuova Simonelli Mythos Two F15030202SC -
Fellow Ode Brew Grinder FLD1211-01
Fellow Ode Gen 2 Brew Grinder FLD1211-01SB