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Water Filter Recycling Scheme

Water Filter Recycling Scheme

Posted by Lauren on 3rd Mar 2020

We’re excited to be working with our partners to offer water filter cartridge recycling for all brands of filter - whether it be Brita, BWT, Everpure, 3M or any other brand. All used filters can now be returned to our warehouse to be recycled, saving 100% of the cartridge from ending up in landfill.

To make the recycling scheme even better, we will donate £2.50 per unit to our chosen charity, Friends of the Earth. We have been trialling this scheme for the past 12 months and have already generated over £900 for the charity.

So, how does it work?

We receive all used, expired water filters to our warehouse and store them in a reusable plastic pallet where they are stored until they can be returned at the same time as receiving our stock delivery, eliminating the need for an extra journey for collection and keeping carbon emissions to a minimum. Once the filters are returned to the Watercare warehouse, they are taken apart and the internal cartridges are removed. The disassembled filters are then sorted into plastic and aluminium and washed. At this stage, the aluminium is sent away to be recycled.

The expired resin is then extracted from the filters and drained. The resin is de-humidified in preparation for carbon separation and regeneration. Mixed bed resin (carbon & ion exchange beads) are sieved to separate for regeneration. The ions that have been collected on the resin beads are removed, meaning they can now be used again in a new water filter.

The sorted and cleaned plastics are fed into a grinder and the plastics are ground into pellets, ready to be manufactured into the internal parts for new water filters.

Ready to start recycling your filters? Get in touch with our team today to arrange the delivery of your used water filters. Email [email protected] or call the team on 01293 769 825.

The 3-Stage Recycling Process


Collect, disassemble & sorting of used single use water filters

1.1 Delivered

Used water filters are returned to Watercare in Essex.

1.2 Disassembly

Filters are taken apart and internal cartridges are removed.

1.3 Sorting

Disassembled filters are sorted into plastics and aluminium and washed. Aluminium is sent for recycling.


Extraction, separation & regeneration of expired resin.

2.1 Removal

Expired resin is extracted from the filters and drained.

2.2 De-Humidify

Resin is de-humidified in preparation for carbon separation and regeneration.

2.3 Sieving

Mixed bed resin (carbon & Ion exchange beads) are sieved to separate for regeneration.

2.4 Regeneration

Removal of ions collected in service to ‘reset’ the resin beads for continued use.


Plastics recycling. Reusing the plastic for new water filters.

3.1 Grinding

Grinding Sorted and cleaned plastics are fed into grinder.

3.2 Pelleting

Plastics are ground into pellets and filled into bulk bags automatically.

3.3 Full Circle

The end result produces recycled plastic pellets to be used in the manufacture of internal parts for our new water filters.